About Me

Ronnie Denmon

B.S. Exercise Science, ACSM CPT, Kettlebell Athletics, Functional Movement Screen

My MAIN GOAL is to make Fitness Fun for YOU!

I would describe my training style as primarily functional training with high intensity intervals to make the most of a training session in the most efficient way possible. In my sessions I am focusing on maximizing caloric expenditure and challenging each muscle group to promote strength and size gains.

The way that I create workouts is based off of foundational movement patterns focusing on using compound exercises… BASICALLY, you do movements that use a lot of MUSCLE!

When it comes to working out, I honestly believe that if you’re not having some kind of fun while doing it, you’re NOT going to continue doing it. That is why I don’t take life too seriously and promote a healthy balance between fitness and fun!

The most rewarding feeling to me is working with someone to help them achieve their goals and show them that they are capable of doing much more than they thought they ever could. By changing habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle, I aim to make my clients believe that they can always be better than they were yesterday.

If you are wanting to begin your fitness journey and would like a little help getting started or progressing forward to break through a plateau, please click below to view my different training services!